Sevilla Education Consultancy is a renowned name for global education consulting in Nepal with years of solid and in-depth experience. With experience we have developed a rich understanding of what student’s desire, when seeking higher education opportunities abroad. We offer first-class links to some of the best overseas colleges and universities. Our key aim is to provide the best education opportunities abroad to Indian students.

Admissions Overseas is led by a high-quality group of seasoned professionals who possess in-depth expertise in overseas education counseling.

Studying abroad is not about being a visitor in a new city, but about becoming a part of that culture. We strongly encourage our students to not only see their host country but also be a part of it by experiencing the customs, speaking the language and understanding the way of life. This will help you gain a cultural awareness achieved only by living and studying in another country. In today’s global economy, employee who can give insight into how other cultures operate are key.

Spending a year or more in a foreign country will quickly give you an edge when you graduate and increase the positions available to you. Guidance and basic informations about various countries are gathered for

Why Choose Sevilla Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.?

  • We encourage the students to achieve their best career.
  • We guide to the students to find the best universities/colleges as per their academic qualification, financial status and Test score.
  • We provide preparation classes for IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT which are the threshold for admission in any Universities / Colleges / institutions of the Abroad.
  • We provide PILOTING BRIDGE COURSE From Aviation Expert. (Captain and pilot) for Piloting Students.
  • We take care of every student personally in their Career mission.
  • We have mini size class with sufficient Teaching aids as well as Top British Council Certified Instructor.
  • We provide best Career Counseling services for each and individual student.
  • We provide expert visa interview preparation class by expert counselor.
  • We assist for Cheap Accommodation, Ticketing, and Airport pick up facilities.
  • We assist with admission / offer letter / i-20, confirmation and acceptance letter.

“ Let’s open your career yourself through Sevilla Education Consultancy”