GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
Analytical Writing Assesment (2 Essays)
Analysis of an Issue:

For Analysis of an issue you will need to analyze a given issue or opinion and then express your point of view on the subject by citing relevant reasons and examples.

Analysis of an Argument:

For Analysis of an argument you will need to analyze the reasoning behind or given argument and then write a critique about the argument with supporting reasons and examples.

Quantitative Section
Problem Solving:

Problem Solving question are designed to test basic mathematical skills, understanding of elementary mathematical concepts, and the ability to reason quantitatively and to solve the quantitative problems.

Data Sufficiency:

Data sufficiency questions are designed to measure your ability to analyze a quantitative problems, to recognize which information is relevant, and to determine at what point there is sufficient information to solve the problem.

Verbal Section
Reading Comprehension:

Reading comprehension questions measure your ability to understand, and analyze and apply information and concept present in written form.

Critical Reading:

YCritical Reasoning questions are designed to test the reasoning skills involved in making arguments, evaluating arguments and formulating or evaluating a plan of action.

Sentence Correction:

Sentence correction questions will require you to be familiar with the stylistic conventions and grammatical rules of standard written English and to demonstrate your ability to improve incorrect or ineffective expressions.